Bag Filter

Bag Filter

The bag filter is a kind of dry-type dust filtration device. This kind of dust collector is suitable for getting rid of small, dry and non-fibrous dust during the process of biomass fuel pellets production. The operating principle of bag filters is that when smoke containing dust goes through the filter material, dust is filtered out. The filter material mainly depends on inertial impaction to attract coarse dust, while depends on spread and screening to attract small dust.


Dedusting Methods

Payment, Packing and Transportation
We offer T/T and L/C payment.
Bag filters are packaged with vacuum waterproof polyethylene plastic films, and wooden cases for external use. We adopt ocean, land, air transportation or joint sea-and-rail transportation.

The Panda Pellet Company has cooperated with biomass-based fuel research institution of Nanjing Forestry University for years. According to materials with different properties, we have developed different subsidiary machinery. Bag filters is one of them. They are sold well all over the world and they are exported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

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