Rubbish Derivation Fuel Production Line

Rubbish derivation fuel is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating waste. It consists largely of combustible components of municipal waste such as plastics and biodegradable waste. Panda Pellet Company offers complete equipment for wood pellet line, including rubbish derivation fuel production line. We are a professional company to process waste materials into biomass pellet fuel.


Rubbish derivation fuel production line finds its wide applications in drying engineering, concrete manufacturing, heat-supply engineering, power generation and other fields.
RDF technology has been used for many years abroad. Nowadays, European countries and America mainly pay attention to the development of RDF-2 and RDF-3. Europe has developed RDF-5 products, while Japan puts emphasis on the application of RDF-5. Developed countries attach great importance to rubbish derivation fuel technology, which expands its application range continuously. RDF technology is mainly used in the following fields.

Rubbish derivation fuel production line successfully realize the recycle of the waste. The Panda Pellet Company is specialized in manufacturing complete wood pellet line. Wood pellet fuel is made of waste wood, straw, sawdust, shaving and so on. Wood pellet line can turn waste materials into fuel, which can improve living condition and solve the energy shortage to some extent. Wood pellet fuel is clean energy and has bright development prospect. The company offers complete technology and machines of wood pellet line. It has a team of experts and they are ready to supply service all over the world.

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