2012 The 4th China International Biomass Energy Exhibition

The Hydraulic Briquette Press Wins Praise

Beijing Panda Pellet Company attends the 4th China International Biomass Energy Exhibition from February 23rd, 2012 to February 25th. It has attended four years in a row. Different from the past, our company displays the hydraulic briquette press by independent research and development. With different forming principles and completely new crafts, the machine attracts much attention from professional visitors and wins praise. They believe the hydraulic briquette press has a broad promotion prospect.
China has rich biomass energy resources. At present, biomass waste is the available resource for development, like crop straw, firewood, animal dung, industrial organic waste, organic solid rubbish, etc. In recent years, we have achieved rapid development in biomass solidifying fuel. At the end of the 12th five-year plan, the utilization amount of biomass solidifying fuel can reach 20,000,000 tons. The 4th China International Biomass Energy Exhibition creates a good platform for further promoting forming technology and equipment of biomass solidifying fuel.
The hydraulic briquette press researched and developed by our company is used to extrude crushed woods and straw, waste paper, cloth and plastic into bulky wood briquettes, which is easy to be stored, transported and burnt. Nowadays, screw extrusion machinery is commonly used for making briquettes and sticks. It not only consumes power heavily, but also is abraded seriously. In addition, result from its insufficient pressure, the extruded briquettes are not smooth and compact enough to meet density requirements. The forming effect and combustion efficiency can also be affected. The hydraulic briquette press adopts high-strength hydraulic system to provide enough compression power. The cylinder made of imported materials is highly wear-resisting. The automatic rotating kick-out device can assure feed evenly. All these features ensure the stable forming of high-density briquettes. What’s more, shapes of briquettes can be designed individually according to customers’ requirements.
Insiders of biomass energy industry give high recognition to the improved crafts of briquette press. In addition, visiting manufacturers show great interest after inquiring equipment details.
The furniture manufacturing is inevitable to produce vast shavings, sawdust and other waste woods. Many factories use these materials to burn boilers. However, the moisture content of waste woods is high, so heat value is low. What’s more, bulky materials cause inconvenience for storage, transportation and feeding. Large quantities of resource are wasted. Our hydraulic briquette machines offer a best solution to them. It has the advantage of low cost, energy saving, easy operation as well as covering small area, so it is very suitable for promoting a machine for a factory. Many customers come to Tongzhou base in Beijing to know the briquette presses production situation after the exhibition. They express their satisfaction and give a lot of valuable advice.
We are grateful to the 4th China International Biomass Energy Exhibition and those customers who recognize our equipment and encourage our innovative research and development. We will do our best to keep developing and researching, striving to offer more mature and excellent equipment for the next exhibition and making contribution to China biomass energy development.

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