Three Rotors Hammer Flaker

The shredder is used to shred all kinds of wood wastes, pallets, trimmings, wood ends, barks,wasted wood-based panels board, waste cement from board, waste veneer, packing cartons, coconuts, palms to manufacture wood-based panel board , pellets and briquettes, or to be used in energy plants and boilers combustion.



After-sale Service
According to the requirements of the customers, we can send our engineers and translators for on-the-spot service for shredding machines. They can help with installation and adjustment until the shredder operates safely and stably. Meanwhile, we will train users to maximize the production capacity on the condition of stable operation of machines.

Packing and Transportation
The shredders are packaged with waterproof polyethylene plastic film and wooden cases for external use. We adopt ocean shipping, land, air or sea-land transportation.

Beijing Panda Pellet Machinery Co., Ltd introduces the advanced technology of wood pellet production at home and abroad. On the basis of absorbing and innovation, we develop our own biomass solidifying fuel machines. In addition to shredder or shredding machine, we also have three rotors hammer flakers, Dryers, pellet mills, coolers and other products. All these machines are sold well in the world.

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