BPP-BP 125-Russian Briquette Production Line

BPP-BP 125-Russian Briquette Production Line

Waste woods from furniture factories are grinded by shredders and then are transported to briquette press by screw conveyors for compression. Biomass briquettes are mainly used as fuels for heating boilers, dryers and other equipment. Briquette production equipment or equipment for biomass briquette production line is simple and covers a little area. Screw conveyors can reduce raising dust to a great deal. Because raw materials are pure wood, briquettes has high density and are easy to be stored. In addition, they are not easy to suffer form deformation. Biomass briquette production line includes BPP-S650 shredders, screw conveyors and BPP-BP125 briquette press machines.


Features of Briquettes

Technical Parameters of Biomass Briquette Production Line

Model of Briquette Press BPP-BP125
Capacity 100-125kg/h
Raw Materials waste wood from furniture factory
Required Area of Equipment Installation 20㎡
Required Height of Equipment Installation 5m

Panda Pellet Company undertakes the complete large-scale engineering design of biomass briquette production line at home and abroad. Briquette production equipment adopts advanced level of foreign countries, learns experience from foreign countries and forms its own unique technological process. Production capacity of the equipment can reach international level of the same industry.

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