BPP-BP 250-Indian Biomass Briquette Production Line

BPP-BP 250-Indian Biomass Briquette Production Line

Waste paper is firstly shredded and then transported to briquette presses for extrusion by belt conveyors. Briquettes made of waste paper are easier to be ignited. What’s more, this biomass briquette production line, also called briquette making machine, realizes the recycle of waste materials. Because paper materials have great flexibility, briquettes are easy to swell. However, its burning can not be affected. Biomass briquettes are mainly used as fuel for boilers, fireplaces, greenhouses, railway transportation and so on. Equipment for the biomass briquette production line involves BPP-S650 shredders, belt conveyors and BPP-BP250 briquette presses.


Features of Briquette

Technical Parameters of Biomass Briquette Production Line

Model of Briquette Press BPP-BP250
Capacity 200-250kg/h
Raw Materials waste paper
Required Area of Equipment Installation 10 m2
Required Height of Equipment Installation 5 m

Biomass briquette production line can turn waste paper into valuable paper briquettes fuels. The problem of energy shortage can be solved to some extent. Panda Pellet Company undertakes the complete large-scale engineering design of biomass briquette production line in China and abroad. The straw briquette system adopts advanced level of foreign countries, learns experience from foreign countries and forms its own unique technological process.

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