Annual Capacity 20,000t-Hebei Biomass Pellets Production Line

Annual Capacity 20,000t-Hebei Biomass Pellets Production Line

Wood pellet production line in Fengning Manchu autonomous county has formally put into production in recent days. Its annual production is 20,000 tons. This is the first pellet line in China. Complete production equipment is offered by Panda Pellet Company. The pellet making line is invested by Fengning Hongsen Wood industry with RMB 235,000,000.
The project makes full use of waste woods, straw and other flammable biomass materials to produce wood pellets. Pellets can replace coals as fuels. In addition, they can also be used to solve the problems of safety and pollution caused by burning straw.
The first wood pellet production line in China began in June, 2008. The project is built in two stages. The first-stage project is invested RMB 85,000,000 and can produce 50,000 tons wood pellets annually. The second stage is built for producing 200,000 tons every year. After two stages fully finish their capacity, gross annual value can reach RMB 360,000,000. Total benefits are RMB 187,000,000 and total revenue is RMB 52,000,000.
The first-stage wood pellet production line produces 20,000 tons annually. Its operation fill in gaps in wood pellets production in China. Wood pellets are biomass forming fuels. They are energy conservation and environment protection with nearly zero sulfur dioxide emission. So they are up to the emission reduction of our country. Wood pellets production can make full use of straw. We can go to countries and barter wood pellets for their straw.

The wood pellet production line is adapted from old artificial board production line. Its operation can not only make full use of waste woods produced by making artificial boards but also crop wastes. Therefore, the behaviors of burning straws can be reduced, which is helpful to protect local environment.

Production Process of Wood Pellet Production Line

Technical Parameters Wood Pellet Production Line

Specifications of Biomass Pellets 6 mm, 8 mm
Annual Capacity (t) 20,000
Raw Materials brush woods, chips, shavings, straw
Required Area of Equipment Installation 1200㎡
Required Height of Equipment Installation 8m

Equipment for Wood Pellet Production Line
The annual capacity of Hebei biomass pellet production is 20,000t. Equipment needed in production involves drum chippers, three rotors hammer flakers, hot-blast furnaces, dryers, conveyors, silos, dust removal equipment, pellet mills, coolers, screeners and packing machines.

Panda Pellet Company undertakes the complete large-scale engineering design of wood pellet production line in China and abroad. It adopts advanced level of foreign countries, learns from foreign countries and forms unique technological process. Its biomass pellet production line has strong adaptability. All kinds of forestry and agricultural residues and household wastes can be used to make pellet fuels.

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