Annual Capacity 10,000t-Neimeng Biomass Pellets Production Line

Annual Capacity 10,000t-Neimeng Biomass Pellets Production Line

Neimeng biomass pellets production line has the advantages of small investment and quick results, because its raw materials are single. In addition, the climate of deserts in Neimeng is dry, so moisture of raw materials is suitable for biomass pellets production line. Salix has strong toughness and is hard to be shredded. In order to solve that problem, horizontal force feed shredder is specially designed. Compared to drum chippers, horizontal force feed shredder will increase the capacity to a great deal. What’s more, this kind of shredder is easy to be fed compared to vertical feed shredders.

Production Process Biomass Pellets Production Line

Equipment for Biomass Pellets Production Line
The annual capacity of Neimeng biomass pellet production is 10,000t. Equipment needed in production involves horizontal feed shredders; three rotors hammer flakers, conveyors, silos, pellet mills, screeners and packing machines.

Technical Parameters of Biomass Pellets Production Line

Specifications of Biomass Pellets 6 mm, 8 mm
Annual Capacity (t) 10,000
Raw Materials Salix
Required Area of Equipment Installation 500㎡
Required Height of Equipment Installation 6 m

Panda Pellet Company undertakes the complete large-scale engineering design of biomass pellets production line at home and abroad. It adopts advanced level of foreign countries, learns from foreign countries and forms unique technological process. In addition to Neimeng, it also builds other biomass pellets production lines in Hebei, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Jiangxi, etc.

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