Annual Capacity 50,000t-Jiangxi Wood Pellets Production Line

Annual Capacity 50,000t-Jiangxi Wood Pellets Production Line

The annual capacity of Jiangxi wood pellets production line is 50,000t. Its raw materials can be waste woods caused by wood processing, waste timber, straw and other flammable biomass materials. All these materials can be utilized to produce wood pellets. Pellets are suitable for civil use, like heating and cooking. They can also be used in industry, like burning boilers, hand fired furnaces, stokerfeed boilers, reciprocating furnaces, furnaces in fluid bed, circulating fluidized bed, etc. Wood pellets production line can not only replace coals but also reduce the environmental destruction result from burning straw by local peasants.


Production Process of Wood Pellets Production Line

Technical Parameters of Wood Pellets Production Line

Specifications of Biomass Pellets 6 mm, 8 mm
Annual Capacity (t) 50,000
Raw Materials brush wood, waste veneers, sawdust, shavings, bamboo, straw, barks
Required Area of Equipment Installation 2000 m2
Required Height of Equipment Installation 8 m

China Pellets Production Equipment
The annual capacity of Jiangxi biomass pellet production is 50,000t. wood pellets production line involves drum chippers; three rotors hammer flakers, Disc Screens, hot-blast furnaces, dryers, conveyors, silos, dust removal equipment, pellet mills, coolers, screeners and packing machines.

Panda Pellet Company is specialized in manufacturing complete wood pellet line. It has cooperated with top European manufactures for over 30 years in the fields of wood processing, shaving board, particle board and MDF and wood pellet line. It brings us with the vigor of quality and technology. Besides Jiangxi wood pellets production line, it also builds other pellets production lines in Hebei, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, etc.

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